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Devnagari number to words converter will convert Devanagari Numbers to words in both NEPALI and ENGLISH language and number as well. It is a English number to Nepali Number converter.

Nepal have its own number and number counting system. Its called Devanagari numerals as it follows Devanagari Scripts. Nepali number system follows first three and then two-two counting system, like first three numbers as "SAYA" (,000) for eg. 123 its prounced as "100" One Hundred and the first "23" as combined "twenty three". If the number is more than 3 digits like 12,34,567 comma is used as 3 in first and two-two in then its prounced as 12 Lakh, 34 Hajar, 5 SAYA Satsatthi. As the roman system follows all three-three counting as Hundred, Million, Billion. But Number in Nepali language is different and unique. While converting number from Nepali to English or English to Nepali we may have confused the counting system. NEPALI NUMBER IN WORDS helps you to easily convert the numbers from one script to other. This converter will convert numbers to words in both NEPALI and ENGLISH language. The number to words can be done for real numbers and Scientific E Notation. Limited to use of 13 characters and 1e12. In case of decimal it works two decimal only (XXX.XX).

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